Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Shortest Month's Challenge

Here in NC, you'll find yourself wearing flip flops with snow still in the yard (thanks, Rhiannon, for that hilarious post). Fitness in Feb.= Fuh fuh fuh fuh, ffffffft. These all sound like flat tire noises to me. I bet a lot of resolution setters are fffffting now. Will it be 12 degrees and snowing or 62 degrees and sunny?

We're in a new neighborhood with ample outdoor walking/running/biking trails and sidewalks nearby. People, I really have NO excuse. I mean, none. No move, no holidays, no surgical recoveries--nothing. Since I crave a new routine, exercise and healthy foods will help energize me and set me on the right path. I just have to stay away from the path that leads to Cook Out's milkshakes and Bojangle's biscuits...Mmmmmmm I mean nasty! This new neighborhood also has a junior olympic pool, and since I've got small kids, I have a feeling I'll be living at the pool this summer. Um, bathing suit? What? I can't wear my fuzzy jammy pants and Old Navy fleece from 2001? Eeeeeeps!

Starting tomorrow, I'm participating in a 4-week challenge organized by Puanani from Home To Home Fitness. The rules are:
  • Post stats on the weekends. Stats needed: shoulders, chest (at nip line), biceps (biggest part of your arms), stomach (at belly button level), butt (across the widest part of your butt), and thighs (where your longest finger tip hits).
  • Leave your finished times/amounts for:
    • Total burpees in one minute (clarify between regular and modified)
    • Total amount of pushups in one minute (clarify between regular and modified)
    • Length of jumping jacks without a break
    • Length of wall squat (keeping your squat parallel). 
  • We're encouraged to take pictures from all angles each week.  
LET'S DO THIS! See ya on myfitnesspal at lupehughes!  You should choose something to try out for this short month! What will it be?

This weather!!! Whaaaaat?!