Sunday, June 9, 2013

My first week at the YMCA

I joined the Y for my 33rd birthday. I literally marched right in with my checkbook a-wavin' and my pen in hand ready to sign things. This Y is a few miles from my house with plenty of parking, three stories tall with a pool, child care, three studios with all sorts of fitness classes 7 days a week, raquetball courts, a gym, a track, free weight area, machines, saunas, steam room, private workout area in the locker room, nice showers, towel service, a chapel, a natural light-filled atrium with cafe tables and booths, and a cafe that overlooks the pool! Whaaaaaat! Yes, please!

Another feature that I am easily bowled over by is the free app that tells all the schedules of the classes, information about the instructors and the classes they teach, and descriptions of the classes. You can even schedule it on your calendar and set reminders so you can't say you forgot to go to Ass Kickin' at 11am.

The Monday after I joined, I picked out a class called Slow Interval Training. The class description said it was a full body workout for those who prefer to work at a slower pace with low impact aerobics and resistance training. Perfect, I thought. I even got a tad bit smug when I saw I was one of the youngest people in there.

I got my ass handed to me. Those older ladies were running circles around me, and guess who felt sheepish? Talk about inspirational, though. They were all very friendly.

Tuesday I was going to go to Yoga, but blahblahblah I didn't make it.

Wednesday was Zumba day. I watched a few videos on YouTube to make sure I knew what I was getting into. Lots of people packed themselves into the studio, so I chose a spot in front of the mirror and right up front so I could see the instructor. I quickly introduced myself to the instructor and her assistant to tell them I was new here! I was near an elderly lady dressed in hot neon green zebra print leggings. I was all like, I wanna be YOU, girlfriend! I'll just do what she does. I hung in there and was so proud that I finished the entire workout! I did grapevine the wrong way, spun around when no one else did a few beats shy of the spin, but I didn't care! I had so much fun! I sweat like, well, insert metaphor here! When I was done with the session, Green Neon Zebra Granny gave me a sweaty high five. BEST EVER. I then walked around the track for fifteen minutes so I could stop being beet red and sweaty for my shower.

Speaking of the shower-my kids were happily coloring away in the Tree House child care area, so I left myself 40 minutes to go as slow as I wanted to. I'll tell you what-that membership fee is WORTH showering by myself!

While I didn't go to the Y the rest of the week due to other appointments and wonky scheduling, our family did go on a little 1.4 mile round trip to a toddler park in our neighborhood. I officially got in my 30 min. 3x a week in my first Lucy is Losing It journey! YEAH!

My ideal plan for this next week is:
  • Monday-Slow (hahaha!) Interval Aerobics
  • Tuesday-Gentle Yoga
  • Wednesday-Water Aerobics since I have something I need to go to during Zumba. There's also a Zumba at 5:15, so I could do that as well.
  • Thursday-Gentle Yoga
  • Friday-Pre-Weekend Indoor Cycle (class description says it's great for those who have wanted to try cycling)
 We'll see how this pans out. All these classes are for the morning, but there are classes aaaaallll day long in case I miss a morning class.

So that's Week One!

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  1. You're talking about MY YMCA!! I haven't even read the rest of your post yet... now that I have... I absolutely LOVE my Y. It is truly the best money ever spent. I am so glad that you're jumping into all of the different types of classes. It took me a while to get on that wagon and I wish I'd started sooner.