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They Are Losing It: Lauren Goeringer

I met Lauren through a mutual love of the band Umphrey's McGee. She recently got married, so say congratulations to Lauren as you read her story!
I was an athlete most of my life, volleyball, softball, and basketball (that one didn’t go so well)!  I never had a weight problem during that time, but then I turned down a volleyball scholarship and went to college….dun, dun, dunnnnn.  You know the drill, started eating what I wanted, wasn’t playing sports anymore, and my extracurricular activities took a turn for the worst.

In 2009, a relationship I was in ended and during that whole self-discovery stage that follows that, I looked in the mirror and HATED what I saw.  I was wearing a size 14 and I was humiliated.  There was not a time that I ever felt good about my body and I tried to cover up with sweatshirts and baggy clothes whenever possible. 
Before pic! I met Page McConnell (keyboardist for Phish) and was embarrassed to show anyone the proof!  And no pics exist of this time with anything below the waist because I always cropped them.
I was single again, so cooking for one…I had nobody to complain about the new low-fat options, except for myself!  I started going to the gym at school and some workout videos at home….I’m a huge sucker for Jillian Michaels, that relationship started then.

I got an app called “My Fitness Pal.”  It allows you to track not only your calories, but also your workouts and the calories burned there.  That really helped me, once you REALLY see what you’re eating, it makes you feel like a hog.  At least that’s what it did for me.  Plus, there is a forum with other people doing the same thing, so it’s a nice sounding board and place to go for advice.  It held me accountable…I found myself not wanting to let myself down, but mostly not wanting to have to put a cheeseburger on there and having people know that I didn’t eat healthy that day. 

I also got a Polar heart-rate monitor that straps around my chest and transmits to a wristwatch.  That has helped tremendously because now I know exactly how many calories I burn during each workout. I LOVE JUICING!  I got a juicer a few months ago and am hooked!  It definitely took me a while to find yummy combinations, but it is a fabulous way to get a massive amount of fruits and veggies in. 

I am also a Jillian Michaels junkie, and anything made by Beachbody, (Turbofire, Insanity, etc)…If I have a mapped out schedule that tells me what to do every day, I’m really good at sticking to it, more so than if I go to the gym and try to do it on my own.  They all do such a good job of combining strength and cardio.  I did insanity leading up to my wedding and loved it!

I’m not a runner.  I want to be, I even like it, but the impact is too much for my knees.  I’ve ended up with an injury every time I’ve decided to start running.  Learning what works for you is important.  A spin class is my favorite big cardio burn, and I usually burn over 1000 calories. 

I have to work out first thing in the morning.  I work long hours and get home around 8pm, and I don’t have it in me then.  But if I roll out of bed and put on workout clothes and go push play, I’m ALWAYS happy I did.  If feels so good to start your day off that way. 

30 pounds lighter!
I am down to a size 8 again.  It feels SO good! I don’t feel like I’m hiding all the time or trying to fade into the background, I’m happy and more confident. It helps me a lot also to have such a supportive and motivational husband.  He keeps me going and helps me stay focused on my goals.  I still want 20 more pounds, that would be my “healthy weight”….I’ll get there!

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