Monday, July 1, 2013

Enthusiastic Smoothie

In a moment of total weakness, I found myself in the drive through (I refuse to say drive thru) of Biscuitville ordering a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. 

It was delicious. 

What brought this on? Did I not learn my lesson last time when I felt like junky doodoo after my cheat?

Night #3 of a bad toddler cold on top of terrifying night terrors so bad that we almost took her to the ER because we didn't know what was wrong until we figured out it was a string of night terrors, plus a pile of peed clothes and sheets from both, plus dog puke I found on the carpet brought this on. Stress eating. As if all of this would just slide away like the greasy egg off the fluffy biscuit into my lap...

No sense in beating up myself. Learn from it and move on. There is always lunch for a new opportunity. 90/10 or 80/20 with most choices being healthy is about what I can realistically do right now. 

Secret Weapon of Guilt-my enthusiastic smoothie. Why enthusiastic? Because I've put everything I've got left into it. That's a saying from my grandmother when she made her enthusiastic soup with leftovers.

Greek yogurt, apple, kale, avocado, banana, and chia/almond/coconut milk smoothie. 

It is actually quite delicious. Take THAT, fluffy biscuit.

If only I could get the smoothie to clean up! 

How do you tend to react to your cheats or disappointing food choices? Comment below to keep the conversation going!


  1. I have a whiteboard in the kitchen with a number in the corner indicating how many days have passed since I ate something "unapproved". It mostly sits at zero :-)

  2. I get mad at myself, depressed, and eat bad stuff some more. See: the past two and a half weeks in Seattle.

    Did you want a more motivational answer? I *am* hoping to get somewhat back to healthy once we move out of this hotel and I have my blender (and a kitchen) back.

    1. This is a totally appropriate answer! I'm excited y'all found a house now!

  3. how do you make chia milk? and do you add any ice to your smoothie?

  4. Regina, I don't add ice. I also buy the milk. It's called Dream Blends Coconut, Almond, and Chia Drink Original Unsweetened. I got it at Harris Teeter.