Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lead Legs

"Queen of Excuses" should be my official title.

I was feeling sorry for myself today, wallowing in self-pity. After another trifecta of night terrors, a nasty cough in the toddler that won't seem to go away, and being so jacked up on coffee that I felt sick, I told myself I just could not go to the Y to work out at a class that is similar to CrossFit called Functional Fitness. I even had it on my calendar with a reminder set.

I reached out to some internet friends, and they gave me the What For.

Granted, the child care room wouldn't have taken toddler girl anyway. However, shile I was whining in my head about it, I got on my shoes and socks. Multitasking, right? I then added more to the ensemble until I was, um, contained and ready to do something, anything.

I pinned a CrossFit style video to my Get Fit board, and I have watched it twice. Time to try it out!!

I threw a lunch together for the kids, strapped them in their seats, turned on God awful Thomas and Friends sing along show, and got to movin.'

AND I DID IT! I made it all the way through this workout. I did modify mountain climbers and the lunges, but I hung in there and did it!!

My girls laughed and laughed, especially when I would grunt. The toddler yelled out, "I'm so pwoud of you, Mommy!" I would have cried if I could have feel any sentimental emotion. Each noise brought another round of uncontrollable laughter. "Look at Mommy! She's soooo siwwy!!"

The sweet things insisted I let them down to stretch with me. See? A good time was had by all, except I can't walk now with my lead legs.

No excuses!!

The video workout that will whoop your butt:

What are your go-to excuses? Who or what motivates you to suck it up, Buttercup?


  1. So great!! My usual excuses are time-related and lately needing to be home with our senior dog. Another excuse I've noticed I've been leaning on is soreness/recovery. and learned the lesson that if I'm active while sore and recovering that it actually helps me be less sore. I have some more at-home-CrossFit/travel WOD resources if you'd like them sometime... not videos so much but many combos of butt kicking workouts. Thanks for this post. It's a great reminder that 10 mins of exercise at home is sooo much better than nothing.

  2. Thanks Lucy, I have in laws in town and with my fresh tattoo wanted to minimize my workout but still do something. This video was great and I feel better for having done SOMETHING rather than NOTHING!