Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First and TEN!

I didn't think I could do it. I have never stuck with a weight loss goal other than that one time I was in Weight Watchers in college where I lost 11 pounds and of course gained it all back eventually.

But I did! I DID.

I went in today to my FNP for my official weight check and to get my plastic surgeon referral. I had a ballpark figure of what I had lost, but of course, the doctor's scale is always heavier than MY scale...

I lost 10 pounds from June 7-July 10! I reduced my BMI by 2! 

Yes, I have a lot more to go, but this is so exciting. It's more than just a poundage amount-this proves to myself that I can stick with something and see results. For me, dreaming up huge projects is more appealing than actually carrying out those projects, so losing weight was always one of those "giant projects" in my head that would never get carried out in real life.

My friend is coming over tomorrow to take official measurements since I don't have any from June 9 when I started this blog. She doesn't know it yet, but she's going to get to take progress pictures. Hooray for good friends, right? The last pictures I have are from February.

I cut out gluten, started exercising and drinking a ton of water, and eating "clean." I didn't count any calories. I focused on getting a lot of good fats like coconut oil, which I put in just about everything. I definitely had more than five fruits/veggies a day.

To be honest, I don't care if it might just be water weight. I don't care! 10 pounds is 10 pounds is 10 pounds. Envisioning 10-pound dumbbells or a bowling ball is encouraging-that is not on my body any longer. Documenting inches will now be my focus now that I've lost the first 10 pounds. I'm so glad this is becoming a lifestyle rather than just sucking down Diet Cokes and SlimFasts. I now want to hide the scale since I want to focus on getting fit and looking lean rather than just some number on a scale. Inches it is!

I celebrated right after the doctor's appointment by hitting up the Whole Foods hot bar, still avoiding gluten, and checking out the plastic surgeon referrals I got from the office while chewing my delicious bacon veeeeerrryyyy sloooowwwwllly. I read reviews online (one office had terrible reviews!) and chose an office. I dialed. Someone answered...

In less than a minute, I scheduled a consultation! This is really happening!!

What can I do next month?! We have a family beach trip scheduled at the beginning of August, so now I should figure out a goal.

Anyone know of a realistic goal for inches lost in a certain amount of time? Google, here I come!


  1. Dr Russell of Specialists in Plastic Surgery has done a friend's surgery and also did her cousin's breast reduction. I would definitely check them out (I know you already have a consult) if you can.

  2. and CONGRATULATIONS! I will tell you that my dr has always been a big proponent of telling me to ignore whatever their scale says and go w/ the one I use all the time. YAY! *HAPPY DANCE* :D

    1. Thanks! If I don't jive with this surgeon, I'll definitely move on until I find someone who does! I'll keep Dr. Russell in mind!